Lake Charles, Louisiana: Veterans Day is always a special day in downtown Lake Charles. The Avenue of Flags flies over 1,000 casket flags in Orange Grove Graceland Cemetery in Lake Charles, LA on Veterans Day and Memorial Day of every year.


Earlier this year, the Avenue of Flags incurred the loss of two trailers and 1,100 flag poles. The Avenue of Flags is a local non-profit organization. The poles that were lost had been accumulated over the span of about 30 years.


This year on November 11, 2019, The Avenue of Flags held a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new building donated by Lee Mallett and Mallett Buildings. In attendance were the Avenue of Flags board members and their families, Lee Mallet, The Chamber of SWLA, local media outlets, Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John DeRosier, and many more.


After a heartfelt from Ted Harless, Director of the Avenue of Flags Board, he thank Mr. Lee Mallett for his generosity saying “ Lee, thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the board of the Avenue of Flags, we are humbled and speechless. Thank you so much.”


Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John DeRosier heard about the stolen property from the Avenue of Flags and immediately called Harless to see what he could do for the nonprofit organization. Harless mentioned needing a new building and DeRosier knew just the man to call.


“I called Lee Mallett and said Lee I know you are in the metal building business and we need a building, particularly, the Avenue of Flags. I asked if he would be okay with me giving his contact info to Mr. Harless and Lee took it from there. What you are going to see today, is the product of that conversation. It’s a very fine building and probably twice the size of the structure we had originally talked about,” said DeRosier.


Plans are already in the works to add to the new building.