Lee Mallet

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Chester “Lee” Mallett is a well-established businessman in Southwest Louisiana, Lake Charles region. He has started numerous companies and currently owns one of the only truss manufacturing plants in the state. From 2006 to 2009, Lee was appointed by Gov. Blanco to the board of Louisiana’s Citizen Insurance Company. In 2010, Gov. Jindal appointed him to the State License Board of Contractors, he was reappointed by Gov. Edwards in 2010 and is still serving today. 

Social Reformer & Philanthropist

Not only is Mallett a very well respected businessman, he is also an avid social reformer. One of his greatest achievements is the creation and operation of The Academy of Training Skills or ATS. The ATS is the first pilot program of its kind. Opened in 2008, the ATS houses up to 200 Cadets and is an alternative for individuals who are endangered of going to prison. People, who have non-violent or non-sexual offenses, are given an opportunity to not only surpass prison, but train in a multitude of a certified training programs.


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